The Avengers Season Five (1967)

Episode Seventeen: Return Of The Cybernauts
TX: September 28 1967


TV Times listing for Return Of The Cybernauts.
TV Times (Channel
Four 80s repeat)

Press Releases

No press releases are currently available for this episode.

Episode-specific articles

Variety, exact date unknown - but sometime towards the end of October, 1967, page unknown, review of The Return of the Cybernauts, author unknown, USA.

TV Times, 12 March 1983, page 75, Metal Mickey-taking The Emma Peel Way, Peter Genower, England. A general overview of The Return of The Cybernauts.  (A4C)

The Observer Magazine, sometime around March 1983, pages 1 and unknown, Delightful Decadence, Don Macpherson, England. Review of Return Of The Cybernauts rerun.

Timescreen issue 3, April 1985, pages 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,35,36, The Cybernauts - A Character Analysis / The New Avengers Successful Metamorphosis, Mike Richardson & Peregrine Morgan, England. A look at the Cybernauts episodes of both The Avengers and The New Avengers.
Note - This was reissued in Autumn 1988 as Revised Number 3 and had a large picture of Captain Scarlet on the cover, along with a Christmassy inset of Steed and Peel. (O)

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