Now she's started a SHOP WAR too!
Original Piece
Original Piece

EMMA PEEl, battling beauty of "The Avengers" TV series, is in the middle of another fight - a war over her way-out clothes.

Girls all over Britain want to look like Emma, actress Diana Rigg, and hundreds of copies of her outfits are being turned out.

That is the cause of the battle, for most of the copies are by rag-trade "pirates."

Yesterday the firm for which the original designs are made threatened court action against shops selling unofficial "Avengers" gear.


The firm is Jean Varon, of Mayfair, London, whose managing director, Mr. Eric West, said: "We will fight a test case. Pirating has gone on far too long and we are going to stop it.

"The unlicensed use of our ideas is costing us thousands of pounds."

A.B.C. TV, who get a percentage on sales of genuine "Avengers" clothes are sending warning letters to shops from their legal department.

From The People, January 23, 1966.

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