Shameless Leg-Pull

"If all the people who have "died" in the four years of ABC-TV's THE AVENGERS could be placed end to end, they could probably reach Manchester.   In this vein, Brian Clemens excelled himself with last Friday's story called "Honey For The Prince".  I counted five corpses, four of whom were smoothly removed by Vincent (played by Roland Currum), surely one of the most accomplished killers ever to encounter Steed and Peel.  The theme of the story was the oft-told one concerning oil, the concession of which the Other Side did not want this country to have and as usual Patrick Macnee was John Steed and Diana Rigg was Mrs. Emma Peel, and as usual they foiled the criminals, but not before it seemed though half the cast had sunk to the floor in death throes.

It was a shameless leg-pull to end the present series with pantomime touches stolen from both the old and the new Arabian Nights plus a last fight in a harem between Mrs. Peel, who looked wonderful dressed -- or rather undressed -- as a slave girl and Vincent who had hidden himself in a giant honey pot.

Zia Mohyedden played, to my great satisfaction, Prince Ali, who had an oil concession going begging, a love of cricket and a harem chock full.  Definitely a man to keep in with.  Ron Moody enjoyed  himself as the organiser of QQF (Quite Quite Fantastic) and George Pastell was a fine villain with sneers and trickery well up to standards."

From: The Stage and Televison Today, England, March 1966.

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