Patrick Macnee

TV Times, 10 March 1961, page 4, Looking Around With John Gough: His Ancestor was an Avenger, John Gough, England.  Patrick Macnee, who is on the right of the TV Times cover with Ian Hendry and Ingrid Hafner, is much more of an avenger than his part in The Avengers implies.  For Patrick tells me he is related to that classical avenger, Robin Hood.  "My Mother," says Patrick, "is a member of the Hastings family, the Earls of Huntingdon - and they, as everyone knows, claim Robin Hood as their ancestor."

TV Times issue 286, 21 April 1961, page 38, The Restless Avenger, W.O. Court, England.  Interview with Patrick Macnee.

TV Times, issue 291, 26 May 1961, page 3, Viewerpoint: Letters page, England.
Dressing to kill
.  PATRICK MACNEE always has marvellous clothes, including shirts and ties, in The Avengers.  Are they his own or from the set wardrobe?   (MRS.) KAY PLATT, Sewall-highway, Bell Green, Coventry.
The programme's wardrobe supervisor says: Patrick Macnee's suits were specially made for him for his role in this series, and also bought his shirts and ties.   Occasionally, however, he does wear some of his own clothes.

TV Times issue 296, 30 June 1961, page 34, Who Am I...? Wonders Patrick Macnee, Charles Bayne, England.  Patrick Macnee compares himself with John Steed.

Manchester Evening News, 2 September 1961, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Time off for a 'secret agent' - judging beauty queens. Dashing and debonair Patrick Macnee, who plays the sophisticated secret service agent with a way with women in "The Avengers" will need all his skill to-night. To-night's episode, "Kill The King", shows Macnee and his partner, Ian Hendry, in a tale of trouble which surrounds a visiting monarch in London. Macnee is trying hard to stop the monarch from being assassinated, and four beautiful but sinister women are doing their best to foil his efforts. But while this recorded episode is being televised on ITV, Macnee will be relaxing with a drink after an even more never-racking assignment. He is the chief judge of the bathing beauty contestants in the final edition of "Holiday Town Parade" which comes from Morecambe and is now a traditional sign that Summer is coming to an end. NOTE: HOLIDAY TOWN PARADE WAS ON ABC AT 6.15PM.

TV Times issue 382, 22 February 1963, page 6, How They Got To The Top, England.
Only bothered with the first page, for Patrick Macnee paragraph.
PATRICK MACNEE of ABC's The Avengers was planning to become a jockey - long before he considered show business.  He explained: "My father was a horse trainer and I used to help him, but I started to put on weight when I was 16, so I decided to try something else."  Pat's ability as a rider gave him his first break in films in 'The Elusive Pimpernel'.  "They wanted someone who could swim a horse across the Loire river in France," he said.  "I volunteered and better parts came along."  Parts which led, ultimately, to John Steed in his present series.

Today, May 4 1963, pages 34,35, Avenger's Lady, Sean Talbot, England.  Patrick Macnee fashion piece.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL TWO PAGE SPREAD.  NOTE: large file, may take some time to view.

TV Times issue 393, 10 May 1963, page 4, No title, Paragraph and photo regarding Patrick Macnee's appearance on The Dave King Show, John Gough, England.  Interesting for the photo of Macnee in Steed Get-Up on stage. Was this on The Dave King Show, and therefore a non-Avengers Steed appearance?

Daily Sketch, 2 October 1963, page 6, Behind The TV Image: The Girl In Black, Kenneth Passingham, England.  Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee interviews.

TV Times issue 418, 1 November 1963, pages 4,5, and 7, The Immaculate Avengers, A look at The Avengers fashions of Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman (Frederick Starke period), Diana Lancaster, England

Reveille, 14 November 1963, page 6, The Avenger Wants A Wife, author unknown, England.

TV Times issue 420, 15 November 1963, pages 13,14, and 15, Life With Honor (continued) It's Go - Go - Go!, Honor Blackman interview, Bill Evans, England.

TV Times issue 422, 29 November 1963, page 21, Viewerpoint: Readers Letters page, England.
Honor, 007.  If Honor Blackman were in the next James Bond film, there would be no need for Mr. Bond himself!  She is the most decorative and resourceful actress I have seen in years.  When The Avengers finishes why not cast her as Mary Read?  She was a tough woman pirate, given to carrying a sword in one hand, a pistol in the other and a knife in her teeth.  Surely a suitable role for Honor?  (SGT.) JILL JONES, W.R.A.C. Lingfield, Surrey.

Manchester Evening News, 11 January 1964, page 4, Avenger Steed... TV Clothes Make Him Leader Of The Beau Brummels Of The Beat Age, Anne Batt, England.

TV Times issue 431, 31 January 1964, page 19, John Gough gossip column, John Gough, England.
Further news of the Grand Finals of the Miss TV Times Contest which will be screened on Sunday February 9: Adam Faith will sing and compere and the judges will include Pat Phoenix of Coronation Street and The TV Times and Patrick Macnee of The Avengers.

Manchester Evening News, 1 February 1964, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
The Two Pats. While Patrick Macnee is being seen on TV as agent Steed in "The Avengers" next Saturday he will, in fact, be in Blackpool surrounded by pretty girls. With that other Pat of the top-rating shows - Pat Phoenix of "Coronation Street" - he will be helping to judge the winner of a big bathing beauty contest at the Tower Circus. The show, "Glamour All The Way", will be recorded and transmitted for 40 minutes the following afternoon. The compere and star is Adam Faith.

TV Times issue 433, 14 February 1964, pages 18 and 19, Avengers' Disc, The recording of 'Kinky Boots', John Gough, England.  One paragraph and a photo in a gossip column.

The Times, 3 March 1964, page 6, Eton Boys Admire 'The Avengers', unknown, England, regarding a questionnaire given to Eton pupils... "...the favourite television programme was The Avengers, starring an old Etonian, Mr. Patrick Macnee (25 per cent)."

Daily Mail, 21 March 1964, page 8, On the day he becomes the LONE AVENGER, Barry Norman, England.

Daily Sketch, 26 March 1964, page 11, Meanwhile, The Avengers' Mr. Steed is active!, Kenneth Passingham, England.

TV Times issue 444, 1 May 1964, page 19, Change For Patrick Macnee, Patrick Macnee receives Silver medal for outstanding contribution to TV, England, One paragraph in a gossip column.

Rediffusion and TV Guide, 31 July, pages 1 & 4, The Adventurer Turns Avenger - Patrick Macnee, author unknown, Malta. Note: This piece is reprinted from TV Times April 21, 1961, although that version of it is entitled 'The Restless Avenger'.

Daily Mail, 24 March 1965, page 1, The Avenger To Wed Girl Who 'Died', Patrick Macnee's engagement to Catherine Woodville, England.

Daily Mirror, 24 March 1965, page 1, Catherine will be Avenger's bride, Patrick Macnee's wedding, Jack Bell, England
ITV's 'Avengers' star Patrick Macnee, 43, is to marry the first Avengers girl. On Monday, he will marry actress Catherine Woodville, 26, who starred in the No. 1 'Avengers' episode back in 1961. They are pictured together (above) with Catherine wearing her engagement ring. It was Catherine who played the fiancée of Macnee's first co-'Avenger', Ian Hendry - and was shot down in Soho as they were choosing a ring. 'She died in his arms and that turned us both into Avengers,' said Mr. Macnee last night. 'Kate and I fell in love at a rehearsal for another 'Avengers' show the following year.' The couple plan to marry at Hampton Register Office.

Daily Express, 24 March 1965, page 1, Avenger Steed's Bride... Her Name Is Cathy, Patrick Macnee's wedding, England.

Manchester Evening News, 29 March 1965, page 1 ...And Sun For TV Bride, no author, England.
Patrick Macnee, the 43-year old actor, who plays special agent John Steed in ITV's "The Avengers", and his bride, 27-year old actress Catherine Woodville, step into the sunshine from Hampstead Register Office, London, after their wedding today. Miss Woodville appeared in the first episode of "The Avengers" four years ago.

Daily Mail, 30 March 1965, page 3, Avengermanship!, Patrick Macnee's wedding, England.

Daily Mirror, 30 March 1965, page 5, 'Avenger' weds his Cathy, Patrick Macnee's wedding, England.

TV Times issue 507, 15 July 1965, pages 2 and 3, Marriage Mellows The Avenger, Patrick Macnee's marriage, John Gough, England, One paragraph in a gossip column.
Marriage has not affected the man-about-town image of Patrick Macnee, star of The Avengers. Let's just say that it is bringing out some of his mellower man-about-suburbia tendencies. His wife of three months, lovely Catherine Woodville, tells me she prefers to live in a country atmosphere rather than in town - and Patrick has agreed to a move. On the face of it, quite a reversal. It's not quite so long ago that Patrick gave up his home in Kingston-upon-Thames to move in to a flat at Swiss Cottage in London. Now he and Catherine are moving out to Richmond - just a few miles downstream from Patrick's old home. But perhaps that debonair, sophisticated tag never quite fitted Patrick. "In the house he wears his beloved, baggy old sweaters," said Catherine. "Nobody would recognise him as the fashionable John Steed." Catherine appears in No Hiding Place this week. Patrick returns to the screen to star in a new series of The Avengers around October.

Daily Mail, 15 July 1965, page 3, Kinkier Than Cathy. I'm Glad It's Her Says Steed, Emma Peel / Diana Rigg introduced, England.

Daily Mail, 4 August 1965, page 6, Pre-BOND, pre-SOLO, back comes the daddy of them all, Patrick Macnee / Steed, Barry Norman, England.

Manchester Evening News, 24 September 1965, page 3, 'Pictured with his new leading lady, is Patrick Macnee of The Avengers', ?, England.

TV World, 30 September 1965, pages 40,41,42, Steed was always a swashbuckler and is even more so now.  That suits me - it runs in the family, author unknown, England.  Patrick Macnee interview.

TV World, 9 October 1965, pages 40,41,42, Steed was always a swashbuckler and is even more so now.  That suits me - it runs in the family, author unknown, England.  Patrick Macnee interview.

Look Westward, 23 January 1966, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown, England.  Small Patrick Macnee piece.

TV Showtime, 18 March 1966, page unknown, Poster of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, no author, USA.

Man's Journal, April 1966, page unknown, The Strange Case of the Green Girl, Brian Clemens and Graham Finlayson, EnglandMan's Journal was a supplement that came with the monthly Woman's Journal.

TV Showtime, 20 January 1967, page 2, Poster of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, no author, USA.

TV Times, 9 March 1967, page 12, Tivvy Club: Digging Up The Family Tree, author unknown, England.  Children's article using bits from an earlier TV Times Patrick Macnee piece.

TV Times issue 594, 16 March 1967, page 5, All Tied Up With Patrick Macnee, Interview with Patrick Macnee (and Harry H. Corbett) regarding their hatred of neckties, Dave Lanning, England.

TV News, 25 March 1967, pages 7,8 and 9, Steed Is Pretty Much Me, Author unknown, USA.

TV Times issue 598, 13 April 1967, page 6, From The North This Week, Introductory paragraph for the second run of Rigg colour episodes, England.
The Avengers.  Back on Saturday is The Avengers, now seven years old, and one of the most consistently successful, internationally-sold, British television series.  It was nominated for an Emmy award in the United States earlier this year and has millions of fans in Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany and many other countries.  What is the secret of The Avengers success?  Elegant Patrick Macnee, who plays John Steed, insisted: "It's all due to the girls.  Two completely independently-minded, absolutely wonderful females have been the success of The Avengers - or at least a great part of it."  Patrick's leading lady Diana Rigg, who, as Emma Peel, took over in The Avengers after actress Honor Blackman left, put it this way: "Patrick has been marvellous.  The series has been successful, I think, because we have broken away from the stereotype.  We have inverted the usual ideas and added humour to the inversion.  (Plus a photocaption: Feminine... but tough: that's Diana Rigg's formula for success as Emma Peel in The Avengers).

TV Tornado comic, 3 June 1967, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
FASHION note - Look at Patrick Macnee's feet next time you see The Avengers. He isn't always wearing boots as he used to. "A Chelsea boot is too high under flared trousers," Patrick told me.

TV Times, 8 June 1967, page unknown, "Suave...", no author, England.  Patrick Macnee pin-up.

TV Tornado comic, 10 June 1967, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
MOST schoolboys hate ties; the things usually manage to wind up in a knot behind the ear! Well, take heart, fellows. That suave man-about-town, Patrick Macnee agrees with you. "I hate ties," he said. "I mean, what earthly use are they? I never wear one. Cravats are a different matter..." Go rather nicely with school uniform, too!

TV Tornado comic, 1 July 1967, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Dozens of stars go to a gym to keep fit. Roger (The Saint) Moore, for instance, Avenger Patrick Macnee, Eamonn Andrews and Danger Man Patrick McGoohan. They have to, because being fit is part of their job. Their livelihood depends on it.

TV Tornado comic, 29 July 1967, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Is there something about the name Patrick? I don't know - but I do know a lot of Patrick's seem to be getting starring roles in TV series. There was Patrick Allen in Crane, Patrick Macnee in The Avengers, Patrick Wymark in The Power Game, Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man. And now here comes Patrick Mower in Haunted....

TV Times issue 622, 28 September 1967, page 15, Style With A Smile, The completion of the Rigg colour episodes, England.
Loosely speaking, The Avengers keep the scales of justice fairly well balanced.  The weight often comes down on the side of the bizarre, the offbeat, the unexpected.  Their justice is sometime rough.  But the adventures of Emma Peel and John Steed usually end just like the picture (left).  With Emma (Diana Rigg) and Steed (Patrick Macnee) smiling, immaculate, stylish.  And, metaphorically, with tongues still fixed firmly in cheeks.  The new series of The Avengers has now been completed.  Diana and Pat are engaged in other pursuits.   For Diana: the part of Helena in the film version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," on location in Warwickshire.  Patrick is holidaying in the United States (New York first, then on to California) with his family.   (The picture referred to is the 'Scales of Justice' pose - I'll add it when I get a new scanner).

Daily Mail, 21 October 1967, page 8, "As the girls keep going by, does the eternal Avenger ever feel jealous?", Patrick Macnee interview, Lynda Lee-Potter, England

TV Times issue 632, 7 December 1967, pages 16 and 17, Article on 'top dressers of television' features Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry, Unknown, England.
Caption - Patrick Macnee, always emerging elegant, suave and uncrumpled; Ian Hendry, always looking pressed, tailored and vital...

TV Times 6 February 1968, page 31, Personality Of The Sign: Patrick Macnee, Patrick Macnee's Astrological reading for that week, Maurice Woodruff, England.

TV Times 13 February 1968, page 33, Personality Of The Sign: Patrick Macnee, Patrick Macnee's Astrological reading for that week, Maurice Woodruff, England

Photoplay, April 1968, pages unknown, Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg: The Avengers, author unknown, England.  Five page feature.

Bravo, April 1968, article title unknown, Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee receive the "Golden Otto" award, pages 1 & Unknown, Author Unknown, Germany.

Bravo, May 1968, article title unknown, Patrick Macnee interview, pages unknown, Author unknown, Germany.  Note - this issue contains a flexi-disc that features Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg making acceptance speeches for the "Golden Otto".  The voice artist who dubbed Patrick Macnee may also be on this, but it could also be the quality of the flexi-disc.  Thanks to Uwe from Germany I now know that the voice-artist who dubbed Patrick Macnee for German audiences was Gert G. Hoffman, who also dubbed Sean Connery, and William Shatner's Captain Kirk.  (Now there's a Trivial Pursuit question for you).  Sadly, he died last year.
I do have a photocopy of an article from Bravo, which may or may not be from one of the above issues.  However, in the interests of wider European co-operation I have transcribed it... in the original German.  Click hier.

TV Guide, 16 November 1968, pages 18,19,20, An Old Etonian In Malibu, author unknown, USA.

TV Picture Life, May 1969, pages unknown, Patrick Macnee Refuses To Live With His Wife and Children, Full page colour picture of the errant avenger and his wife, USA.

TV Weekly, June 23 1969, pages 8,9,10,11, 'Avenger' Steed is now just plain Mr. Macnee, Patrick Blake, New Zealand.

TV Times, 7 January 1970, 2 pages, An Avenger Who Is, Frankly, Delighted To Be Alive, -?- Clark, Australia.

Channel TV Times, 17 June 1972, page 10, The Lone Avenger, author unknown, Channel Islands.

Unidentified (New York?) Newspaper, 8 October 1973, pages ?, 11B,  'Avenger' Steed on Broadway, William Glover, USA. (A4C)

TV Times, 2 October 1976, pages 8,9,10,11,14, The Patrick Macnee Story - Part One: Why I put money before my children, Patrick Macnee, England.  (A3C missing 14)

TV Times, 9 October 1976, pages 9,10,11,15,19, The Patrick Macnee Story - Part Two: My days of immaculate poverty, Patrick Macnee, England.

TV Times, 16 October 1976, pages 1, 21,23,25,26,27, The Patrick Macnee Story - Part Three: Sex and John Steed - the truth revealed, Patrick Macnee, England.

The Weekly News, 27 November 1976, page 19, That Diet Works Wonders For Patrick, Rex King, England (A4C)

The Sunday Express, 3 August 1980, page unknown, I'm enjoying life now, says Mr Macnee, Roderick Mann, England.

The Province TV Times (Vancouver), 18 September 1981, pages 1,?, Avenger's Macnee is Rich - But In Real Estate, Tom Watt, Canada.  (O, A4C).

Starlog, December 1981, pages 48,49,52,64, Steed In Space: A Candid Conversation With Patrick Macnee, Steve Swires, USA. Patrick Macnee interview.  (O, A4C)

TV Times, 13 November 1982, pages 83,84, You Can't Keep A Good Man Down, Leslie Salisbury, England. Patrick Macnee interview.  (A4C)

Los Angeles Times, 26 November 1982, Patrick Macnee Stands In Good Steed, Bob Wiseheart, England.  (A4C)

Brighton Evening Argus, 1 October 1983, page unknown, Now Steed Is A Bad Guy!, Lester Middlehurst, England.  (A4C)

Radio Times, May 5 1984, page unknown, Fenwick in America, Henry Fenwick.  England.
Image is a curious thing.  The Avengers marked Patrick Macnee (Empire, Friday 9.0 p.m.) as the quintessential urbane Englishman.  Now he tells me that he is an American citizen and hates cities!  He stays away from Los Angeles, New York and London as much as he can.   He was talking to me from San Diego where he spends a lot of time - he used to live by the sea but after The Avengers he moved to Palm Springs because his daughter is asthmatic and needs the dry air.  He has always, he says, had trouble with image.   He was turned down for the film The Cruel Sea because he wasn't 'the naval type'.   He found that odd since he'd spent the war as a captain in the navy.  Then after The Avengers people would say 'But can you play comedy?', which puzzled him because 'Diana and I used to write a lot of our own scenes and I thought they were quite funny!'   Empire was much heralded in America as a new, exciting, different comedy show but it didn't last.  'It was brilliantly written and conceived,' says Macnee.  'It got some of the best reviews ever: I think it was my best work since Sleuth on Broadway in 73.  It owed a lot to (ex-BBC light entertainment) director Terry Hughes.  But the writers were way ahead of their time and the audiences rejected it.  I'm very proud of it.'  (O)

Western Daily Press, 19 May 1984, page 17, Steed regrets..., Syd Gillingham, England.   (A3C)

Fantasy Empire, July 1984, pages 13,14,15,16,17, With Brolly, Brawn and English Charm, Randy L'Officier, Patrick Macnee interview, USA.  (A4C)

TV Life, August 1984, pages 16,17,18, Return of the Gentle Avenger, Valerie Clarke, England.  (I've got a photocopy of this, but can anyone tell me what TV Life magazine was?)  (A4C)

Photoplay, September 1985, page unknown, untitled, author unknown, England.
THE re-runs of The Avengers have tickled Patrick Macnee who spent nine years playing the dapper John Steed.  "It gives me a very strange feeling that a whole new generation have been watching it on Channel 4 who weren't even born when we made those episodes!".  Patrick is back in big demand these days.   He tells me he'll be filming more episodes of the series, Tales From The Darkside (released here on video).  "The supernatural interests me," he says.  "And I've just done a pilot for a new series with Robert Wagner based on an insurance company in the city.  We did part of it in London.  Now I'm off to appear with Angela Lansbury in her series, Murder She Wrote.  I love her.   I was at drama school with her more years ago than either of us would like to remember!"  Patrick is also on the big screen in A View To A Kill, with another old chum, Roger Moore.  Said Patrick, "His wife rang me the other night and said, 'You need to lose weight Patrick, now your career is starting up again'.   Perhaps I can now start playing the parts Robert Morely (sic) cannot play!" he adds.

Starlog issue 101, December 1985, pages 68,69, Patrick Macnee: A Secret Agent and a Gentleman, David Caruba, USA.  (A4C)

The Sunday Express Magazine, 9 November 1986, pages 54,55,56, Macnee's A Jolly Good Fellow!, Jo Weedon, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Télé 7 Jours issue 1403, 18 April 1987, pages 60,61, Patrick Macnee: "Je vais bientôt reprendre mon chapeau melon", Isabelle Caron, France.   (A3C)

Mail On Sunday, 25 September 1988, page unknown, Who Likes What: Patrick Macnee, author unknown, England.
One well-thumbed favourite that's been a good friend and companion since my early twenties is Kilvert's Diary.  Francis Kilvert, a rural curate, faithfully kept a diary from 1870-79.   He recorded, beautifully and simply, details of his days.  And while his thoughts may have been directed towards Heaven, he loved life.  This is reflected in his descriptions of nature and the countryside and vivid portraits of people.  His diary has travelled the world with me and, as I've dipped into its pages with unfailing pleasure, they have always brought England a little closer.

Daily Mail, 29 September 1988, page unknown, The Racy Steed, Maureen Owen, England.
(Review of Blind in One Ear).  ACTORS often lead a bit of a dog's life, misunderstood by their wives (three in Patrick Macnee's case), frequently on the dole and hitting the bottle for at least one disastrous period in their career.  Macnee was no exception, writes Maureen Owen.  Bundled off to boarding school at the age of five, his outrageous parents provided a background where the odd or incongruous became the norm.  His horse trainer father bolted to India (from where he was subsequently kicked out) and his aristocratic Mamma went Bohemian in London.   It is certainly to Patrick Macnee's credit that this racy memoir contains no whinging, no actorly recriminations, and no pretension.  He describes himself as a common mummer rather than a talented actor and The Avengers remains the high spot of his career.

Mail on Sunday, 2 October 1988, page unknown, Making a cool Avenger, Richard Heller, England.
TWELVE years ago I lounged with Patrick Macnee in the hot tub of his elegant ranch-house in Palm Springs, California and urged him to write his autobiography.  At last the Avenger Speaks!  Blind In One Ear is Patrick Macnee's crowded story.  It could almost be called John Steed: Behind The Mask.  The book is rich in anecdotes.  Some are heroic; he rescued eight chimpanzees from the blazing home of Hollywood's leading animal trainer.  Some less so: the 18-vodka aeroplane ride with Richard Burton.  But what sets aside this book is the quality of Patrick Macnee's writing about his crazy childhood.  His father was an alcoholic racehorse trainer whose main contribution to his son was inside tips for the illicit book he ran at Eton.  His mother was a beautiful eccentric who took him to live with a rich lesbian called Evelyn.  Jealous of Patrick, Evelyn had a stab at turning him into a woman and then packed him off to school.  Patrick Macnee seems to have spent his early childhood as an unconsidered pawn in a game played by capricious adults.  To stay calm in their midst must have been the perfect training for the imperturbably John Steed.

Daily Mirror, 10 October 1988, page 5, Smoothie Steed's So Dishonourable, Author Unknown, England. 'News' story regarding Patrick Macnee's lust for Honor Blackman extracted from 'Blind In One Ear'  (O)

Manchester Metro News, 7 October 1988, page 10, Licence To Charm, Susan Press, England. Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)

Manchester Evening News, 18 October 1988, pages 30,31, Trusty Steed, John Robert-Blunn, England.  (O)

Worcester Evening News, 24 October 1988, Acting The Fool, Julie Cockcroft, England.  Patrick Macnee interview.

idols issue two, uncertain date in 1988, pages 21,22,23,24, The Avengers, Dave Rogers, England.   Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)

Fantasy Zone issue 5, February 1990, pages 12,13,14,15, Back With A Vengeance, Juanita Elefante-Gordon, England. Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)

TV Zone issue 16, March 1991, pages 16,17,17,19, Patrick Macnee, Louis Hirshorn, England. Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)

Emmy, April 1991, pages 1,26,27,28,29, Innerviews - The Avengers' Patrick Macnee: Cool Before It Was Hip, Danny Biederman, USA.

Starlog issue 175, February 1992, pages 77,78,79,80,81, Gentleman Avenger, Karl Shook, USA. Patrick Macnee interview.

The Sunday Telegraph, 3 January 1993, page 11, A Night To Remember: Patrick Macnee, Patrick Macnee, England.  (A4C)

TV Times, 9 January 1993, page unknown, Switch on... Long-Running Avenger, author unknown, England. (A4C)

The Observer, 24 October 1993, pages unknown, Back With Avengers, Jonathan Wilson, England. Patrick Macnee interview, series overview. (O)

Paris Match (International Edition), 10 November 1993, pages unknown (4), title unknown, author unknown, France.  Patrick Macnee interview.

Starburst issue 186, February 1994, pages 38,39,40,41,42, The Avengers, John Porter, England.   (Patrick Macnee interview) (O)

Melody Maker, 9 July 1994, pages Unknown, Suave Central / Celebrity Square, Cathi Unsworth, England. Series overview and Macnee interview.

The Sunday Telegraph: Review, 12 February 1995, page 3, The old Avenger in fine fettle, Helena de Bertodano, England.

Unknown, 5 November 1995, page unknown, Revived and Kicking: Steed revels in TV double joy, author unknown, North Ireland.  Interview with Patrick Macnee.

Daily Mail: Weekend Magazine, 3 May 1997, Pages 1,6,7,8, An Awfully Slick Avenger, Lina Das, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Daily Mail: Weekend Magazine, 10 May 1997, Pages 18,19, My Dear, It Was An Honor, Patrick Macnee and Dave Rogers, England. Patrick Macnee on the Blackman years. Note - Amended excerpt from The Avengers and Me.

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Cinefantastique vol. 30 #4, August 1998, pages 32,33,34,35,36, 37,38,39,40,41, The Avengers, James Murray, Fred Szebin, Alan Jones, USA.  (Mainly movie stuff, but there is a Patrick Macnee interview).  (O)

Daily Mirror, 8 August 1998, pages 12 and 13, The Master Avenger, Kevin O'Sullivan, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

TV Guide, 15 August 1998, pages 28,29,30, Posh Spies, Ted Johnson & Vince Cosgrove, USA. Interviews with Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee.  (O)

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People Weekly, 24 August, page unknown, Bumber Shooting, author unknown, USA.

TV and Satellite Week, 29 August 1998, pages 1,4,5, Brolly Good Show, Author Unknown, England. Repeats on Granada Plus, Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)

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Femme Fatales, September 1998, cover and pages 8-15, Steed on M. Appeal, James Murray, USA. Patrick Macnee talks about his favourite Head Postmistresses and Admirals of the Fleet.  (O)

Goodtimes, Dec 1998/Jan 1999, pages 1,12,13,15, Free Agent, Richard Barber, England. Patrick Macnee interview.  (O)



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