The Avengers Season Two (1962 to 1963)

Episode One: Mr. Teddy Bear
TX: September 29 1962


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TV Times issue 360, 21 September, page 38, More Autumn-plus Viewing!, Preview paragraph for the second season, Unknown, England.
CATHY is a mysterious, blonde and beautiful widow.  She is also an anthropologist and handy with a gun.  Which all adds up to an ideal new partner for John Steed.  Cathy is played by Honor Blackman.   And Steed, still the aristocratic undercover man dedicated to fighting crime, is again portrayed by Patrick Macnee.  Fashion expert Michael Whittaker designs Honor's wardrobe. "One of the biggest problems," he says, "was designing holsters for her guns.  In the end I settled for three.  They're concealed at the waist, under the arm, and at the thigh."  Another newcomer to the series is Freckles, Steed's amiable Dalmatian dog.

Variety, 15 October, page unknown, review of Mr. Teddy Bear, 'Otta', England.

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TV Times September 21 1962 - Cover
TV Times September 21 1962

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