The Avengers Season Two (1962 to 1963)

Episode Five: Mission To Montreal
TX: October 27 1962


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Manchester Evening News, 27 October, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
FROM PLAY TO POTTERY. PLAYWRIGHT and author Jon Rollason has been adding another skill to his list. After three years of study and false starts he has learned to throw a pot like an expert. "I mean I've become pretty useful at making pottery," Jon explained. "Just now I'm making a coffee set for a friend." It seems a peaceful hobby for someone who has just become a member of the team which tries to dish up blood-and-thunder adventures in a polished way in ITV's "The Avengers". "I find it wonderfully relaxing to sit at a potter's wheel," he told me. "Primitive, but creative and rewarding."

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