The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Two: The Undertakers
TX: October 5 1963


TV Times listing for The Undertakers.
TV Times London edition

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Episode-specific articles

TV Times issue 413, 27 September, page 27, John Gough Column: Hobby Note(1), John Gough, England.
Lee Patterson, a 34-year old Canadian actor who is in The Avengers on Saturday, collects guns.  "Recently, I bought a Colt 42 made about 1862, and discovered it was very rare.  In fact only 32 of them were ever made.  It's probably worth 500.  And I paid 35 for it!"

Manchester Evening News, 5 October, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
MANDY TAKES A JOB AS MOTHER'S HELP. With her recorded appearance on TV in to-night's episode of "The Avengers" 19-year-old former child star Mandy Miller says goodbye to Britain - and to acting etc etc.... ABC, which is giving her this TV send-off, also provided Mandy's first TV appearance in 1958. She was in their serial "Sunday's Child", which was created around her. In The Avengers episode, titled "The Undertakers", she joins another actress who has not worked on TV since leaving a long-running series. Jan Holden, last seen in "Harper's West One", the tale of life in a big store, plays a millionaire's widow and Mandy his step-daughter. Agent Steed questions them in his insouciant manner during an investigation into a drastic but clever racket for avoiding death duties.

Variety, 16 October, page unknown, Review of 'The Undertakers', author unknown, England.

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