The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Three: The Man With Two Shadows
TX: October 12 1963


TV Times listing for Man With Two Shadows.
TV Times London edition

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TV Times issue 417, 25 October, page 21, Viewerpoint: Readers Letters page, England.
On the mat.  After Cathy Gale's performance in "Man With Two Shadows," how about fixing a contest for her against Mick McManus so that we could all see him finally sorted out?  D.C.P. DRAGE, Vauxhall Close, Northfleet, Kent.  Star Letter: Mr. Drage wins two guineas for this letter.
(It was remarkably prescient as, in January 1964, during the filming of the episode, Mandrake, Honor Blackman knocked out another wrestler, Jackie Pallo).

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