The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Fifteen: The White Elephant
TX: January 4 1964


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Episode-specific articles

Daily Mirror, 4 January, page 13, Hold That Tiger, Unknown, England.
Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) locked in a tiger’s cage… John Steed (Patrick Macnee) fighting a big-game hunter against a "back-drop" of wild animals… These are some of the ingredients of tonight’s "Avengers" story on ITV. Setting is a private zoo – and pet-shop owner Clive Desmond, 33, of Colindale, London, who specialises in providing animals and birds for films and TV, was given the job of stocking the menagerie. He found a leopard, a kangaroo, two snakes, a dozen monkeys, a fruit bat and hundreds of birds, including storks and pelicans, a toucan and a macaw.

Daily Mirror, 11 January, page 2, Cruelty Probe After ‘Avengers’ Zoo Chase, Jack Bell, England.

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