The Avengers Season Four (1965 to 1966)

Episode Twenty Six: Honey For The Prince
TX: March 25 1966


TV Times listing for Honey For The Prince.
TV Times London edition

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Stage and Television Today, unknown date in late March 1966, page unknown, author unknown. Review of 'Honey For The Prince'

TV Week, 7 May 1966, page 3, no title, no author, Australia.
Who's the lady behind the veil?  Why, it's Diana Rigg, who plays Emma Peel in The Avengers.  Diana is pictured doing the Dance of the Seven Veils for a visiting Middle Eastern potentate in a future episode, Honey For The Prince.  Diana, who took over the lead in the series from Honor (Kathy Gale) Blackman, is called on to fight with guns, judo, wrestling and boxing as her weapons - but she still manages to look beautiful.  Diana doesn't always come off best in her fights - in future episodes she will be thrown down flights of stairs and hurled through plate-glass windows.

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